Aerobyte is dedicated to protecting individuals, corporations, and governments by dynamically protecting the digital flow of information. Analyzing current market conditions, our focus as a company is to identify key weakness within IT infrastructures. We review remote workforces, on-premise systems, and cloud environments in the pursuit of ultimate protection, regardless of the network structure.

Founded in 2010, Aerobyte has committed itself to helping enterprise organizations solve critical problems by addressing security and compliance concerns. In this pursuit, we exceed customer service levels and expectations. Our mission is to go above and beyond the call of duty to assist our clients and alleviate their critical IT security pain points.

Our Vision

Aerobyte’s vision and understanding of ever-changing technology always keep itself several steps ahead of other market leaders. We have successfully revolutionized the way organizations protect themselves from a cyberattack to addresses some of the world’s most sophisticated data security problems. By just realigning its thinking and addressing security from a new vantage point, our solution completely protects enterprise data without boundaries or borders.

Aerobyte’s SAFe Security Platform

Aerobyte’s SAFe Security Platform is a comprehensive suite of sophisticated software and hardware products that protect networks out to their farthest endpoints. Our complete solution siphons out the major weakness that insiders and hackers exploit for personal pleasure or financial gain.

The Team that Built the Next-gen Security Software

A security solution is only as good as the team that develops it. Learn more about the experts who contributed to Aerobyte’s revolutionary Security Framework, Howard Hellman, and William Tabor, who both have a lifetime of experiences in Distributed high-Performance computing environments.

Howard Hellman

Upon entering the professional world, Howard quickly distinguished himself as a designer of complex IT infrastructure solutions. He was noted for his ability to engineer large-scale data warehouses, perform complex server consolidations, and integrate dense, multifaceted enterprise systems. Moreover, he earned a reputation as a dynamic and gifted IT sales and marketing executive. He developed a business model that generated remote sales of large computing systems – units that had previously been sold exclusively through face-to-face interaction. Howard has helped companies speed up sales cycles, reduce expenses, and grow revenues. He has earned a position as one of IBM’s top 25 solutions providers nationally.

Through a combination of technical know-how and an understanding of how technology influences the way we work, Howard has developed a rare perspective in an industry that all too frequently emphasizes unnecessary features over practical benefits. By tempering the knowledge of what can be done with an appreciation for what should be done, Howard has been able to guide efforts towards the development of products and services that stand apart as unique, innovative, and – most of all – genuinely useful.

Bill Tabor

Bill has spent the last 13 years working in internet security and identity management as he develops solutions that protect data in motion and using PKI for identity management and document security. Bill also helps set up secure web servers that require client credentials for access.

Bill Tabor has been directly involved with many significant developments in information technology over the past 30 years. He has contributed to the coding that formed the foundation of the internet, championed the development and dissemination of open source operating systems, and created database software so effective that elements of it remain inside virtually every computer operating today.

Bill can put this breadth of expertise towards a singular goal: the development of secure, leading-edge information solutions for today’s growing enterprises. Bill recognizes the challenges facing contemporary businesses—budgets, geography, accessibility, growth, and many others. His work to overcome them provides these firms with the resources they need to succeed.

He is well versed in a broad variety of hardware platforms and operating systems. Comfortable working in real-time production environments, he specializes in the adaptation of new technologies to eliminate long-standing problems. It is through his rare combination of the invention, initiative, and insight Aerobyte distinguishes itself as a leading developer of next-generation solutions for today’s information environment.

Specialties: Developing encryption algorithms, using PKI for identity, and PIV cards for physical and logical access.

Certifications: C, C++, Linux, XP, VISTA, WIN 7, Windows Server, and OS X


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