One of the greatest weaknesses in network defenses today is that there is no single comprehensive solution and vendor that targets the big picture for security as a whole. As a result, there may be holes in your company’s data security.

Our Security Cost Reduction Study will help you assess and devise a security configuration and Capex/Opex model. It will provide your executive team a comprehensive business case to make a financially based security decision for the entire organization.

  • What is security hardware and appliances are in place?
  • What are your security Opex costs?
  • What are the costs to maintain and install?
  • What is the timeframe of ownership/use of the product?
  • Are you considering any new network applications?
  • What are the security Capex costs?

Our assessment software was designed to provide unbiased, real-world technical and financial metrics to our empower clients.

Connect with the experts at Aerobyte and conduct a Security ROI Study for your business.