Aerobyte dedication to protecting individuals, corporations, and governments by dynamically protecting the digital flow of information across transactions, users, devices, applications, and services.

Our vision and understanding of ever-changing technology have always kept us ahead of other market leaders.

Our relationship with IBM, a best-of-breed partner, sets us apart. Aerobyte has built its Centralized Security Broker as an appliance using IBM’s Power systems for its platform of choice. Our Software Defined Cyber Security Solutions with IBM Power 8 technology allows Aerobyte to meet and exceed security performance objectives over any other platform and architecture delivering reliability, scalability, and availability. Aerobyte’s Encryption Gateway not only optimizes existing on-premise solutions but any cloud system as well. Using software vs expensive hardware appliances Aerobyte can secure any endpoint with its Edgepoint Interconnects to protect communication end to end form an embedded processor, workstation, server, application, database, file or object. Based on the information you have learned about Aerobyte Security Architecture Framework Environment (SAFe) Security Platform, let us know how we can help and what data communication you would like to secure through simplification, cost reduction and a higher degree of protection.

Aerobyte selected IBM as their infrastructure partner because:

  1. IBM is The leader in security infrastructure.
  2. In the oversaturated security market, Aerobyte’s solution combined with IBM Security creates a utopian holy grail of security and protecting your organization from a cyber attack.
  3. IBM LoP Power 8 is the only platform that is capable of handling our software-defined security, based on the performance needed for encryption and secure tunnel scalability. It has the reliability, scalability, and availability to be our core centralized security command center.
  4. IBM security products enhance our orchestration security dashboard, so the focus is on projecting information vs. buying additional product features.

With the rate and variety of security risks increasing every year, you need to arm your business with the strongest security tools available. When you choose Aerobyte as a security provider, you benefit from a combination of Aerobyte security innovations and world-class enterprise capabilities of IBM.

See how Aerobyte’s SAFe Security Platform can help protect your company.
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