Redefining the Fundamentals of Enterprise Data Protection

Aerobyte’s Secured Architecture Framework everywhere (SAFe) Security Platform provides comprehensive protection for all critical data points inside any enterprise environment. It offers the management, monitoring, analytics, and configuration tools to automate protection on a massive scale.

We have re-engineered enterprise security to focus on protecting enterprise systems from the inside out to the furthest endpoint.

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Turn any workstation into a trusted device.

How it is protected: Protects users’ private keys to avoid compromising the digital identities of your workers, whether on-premise or in the cloud. Internal traffic is protected, and each user is routed to its unique authorized resources. External traffic is protected and routed safely outside of the network.

Protect the flow of data within and outside the data center.

How it is protected: Aerobyte SAFe protects all direct traffic of data to applications, devices, and users. It blocks unauthorized traffic from entering the data center. It safeguards and controls data within your data center(s) as it flows between users, devices, servers, and cloud environments.

Turn mobile devices into trusted devices. Protect and monitor IoT devices.

How it is protected: Aerobyte SAFe Security Platform allows for connection of trusted mobile devices to authorized resources, protecting other endpoints that are on-premise, remote or in the cloud, from BYOD risks. If a device is compromised, all authorized access is revoked and connection capabilities are terminated, cutting the device off from every other endpoint altogether.

Cloak and protect visibility of applications.

How it is protected: Aerobyte Edge Point Protection creates and ensures that only trusted users trusted devices with permission can connect to the system, Aerobyte’s Edge Interconnect cloaks and hides the server that the application operates on. Even if the virtual IP is discovered, no unauthorized user can even connect with the server. Connectivity is only allowed through authorized certificated based tunnel connections that follow corporate, policy which establishes multi-point trusted authentication.

Establishes trust through X509 certificates by creating a unique client-server relationship for every trusted user and trusted device – a relationship that dictates which page, users, and services each user can connect with. It also protects both public and private IP addresses from unauthorized access.

Cloaks IP addresses.

How it is protected: Aerobyte Edge Point Protection cloaks and protects the accessibility and visibility of any application on the cloud. It protects all cloud environments by hiding IP addresses and offering strong access controls, blocking all ports with the exception of authorized certificate based tunnel connections.

Protects video surveillance from unauthorized access and tampering, even if your network is compromised.

How it is protected: Security Framework encrypts the video stream from the camera to its storage server in a remote data center or cloud environment. This protects the video over any network, including open Wi-Fi. It also ensures the video stream’s authenticity by encoding it with a digital certificate at the source. If the video has been altered in any fashion, the certificate is destroyed.

Aerobyte’s Security Platform solves 5 major points where data is most vulnerable within the enterprise:

  1. Certificate based Policies and Procedures
    Aerobyte Security Orchestrator enforces trust policies and procedures. When followed correctly, these policies and procedures create an impenetrable fortress around your data. Our Dashboard allows organizations to build trusted relationships between users using defined roles. Group policy becomes easy to manage. When someone leaves or trust is violated, it is easy to revoke access.
  2. Applications
    SAFe Security Platform delivers comprehensive defenses for applications located in servers, VM remotes, on-premise environments, or cloud environments. All ports are blocked on the application and users (and systems) can only access the application through certificate tunnel access.
  3. Data in Motion
    Aerobyte is built with trusted tunnel connections between every endpoint. Our dynamic tunnels are designed specifically for low CPU utilization, increased speed, and performance. We protect data in motion with an extremely high level of encryption. This the is perfect solution for protecting data in motion over any internet connection. All tunnel communication can only be accessed with the appropriate multi-point trust authentication strategy set through enterprise corporate policy. As a result, you can prevent any leakage or nefarious attacks on IT systems no matter where they are located in the world including open Wi-Fi.
  4. Data at Rest
    Aerobyte offers superior digital rights management. Digital signatures on documents ensure that the data has not been altered. Using Aerobyte, companies can install authorized-only access to documents and data.
  5. Digital Identities
    Never fear another phishing attack again. Aerobyte provides protection and storage of private keys and user login credentials. Our Security Framework does not store user logins or PKI signatures locally in Windows, Active Directory, or LDAP. Aerobyte also can provide consulting services to incorporate Smart Cards, Crypto Cards, and Biometrics to secure any application or network at the highest levels.

Aerobyte’s unique Security Framework provides the most comprehensive protection available today.

Security Orchestration to View Everything

Aerobyte’s Security Orchestration Dashboard allows organizations to configure, deploy, and protect data where it is most vulnerable. It also offers the management, monitoring, analytics, and configuration tools to automate protection. Our modular approach to security is the only security platform on the market today that can be deployed within any existing IT infrastructure or cloud computing environment.

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