Is Security a Pain for Your Organization?

Traditional security solutions are incomplete and start by building off protecting the perimeter of a network and works its way inside. Today, perimeter protection simply doesn’t cut it anymore, you have the cloud, IoT, and BYOD everywhere you turn. Today Organizations need to be better prepared for simply because of the following:

  • Changing regulatory compliance standards.
  • The management of mobile devices.
  • The ever-increasing number of things connecting to your network every day.
  • The growing number of sophisticated cyber threats.
  • The simple fact that no matter how much IT spends they cannot keep everyone off their network.

Growing concerns for network protection have fueled a sharp increase in the total number of security products and vendors. Each unique security product offers a solution to a particular security problem with many overlaps in protection. But these niche solutions often don’t work in unison, leaving a complicated and expensive trail of inefficiency in their wake.

It’s time to target the big security picture, and Aerobyte’s unique approach to security provides the answer.

A Different Approach to Enterprise Security!

Aerobyte presents a different approach to security, one that limits complexity by reducing the number of products and vendors once needed to operate a secure infrastructure. By building a comprehensive security platform, created by the most capable engineers in the field, companies can now centralize the protection of their data by developing a centralized Security Command Center which secures and protects every endpoint, no matter if they are remote, on-premise or in the cloud.

With Aerobyte’s unique Security Platform, your company can:

  • Gain total control and visibility of data flow protection in every direction.
  • Affordably mask and encrypt all data communication on any network in transit or at rest.
  • Monitor and turn any mobile or IoT device into a trusted device.
  • Protect all IoT and mobile devices.
  • Pass data safely over any network, even open internet.

Aerobyte’s Security Platform doesn’t just target one area of network protection and data security. It targets data protection on a massive scale, eliminating the need for network security. With our unique design, the network returns to the basic principles, how fast can a push data through a pipe and does it load balance?

Our goal is simple: Plug the holes in traditional network security solutions can’t by developing one security solution that does it all. And we do all of this while showing you measurable growth, cost Reduction, with a strong Security Return on Investment.

B-I-G Picture Protection: Features of Aerobyte Security Platform

Aerobyte Security Platform is highly nimble and secure. It dramatically reduces the cost of protecting data while maintaining the integrity of the entire framework and systems, users, and services. Not only does our solution Optimize and Secure On-Premise Systems but any cloud environment as well.

Features of Aerobyte’s Security Platform:

  • Encryption Gateway is a centralized command center addresses the most complex security problems today.
  • Security Broker deployed via public, private or hybrid cloud strategy.
  • Creates custom audit reports or compliance reviews.
  • Automatically receives compliance updates.
  • Protects data over any network ISP or topography, even open Wi-Fi.
  • Controls information on any device in any location.
  • simplifies perimeter defense to a centralized command central approach and secures information out to the furthest endpoint.
  • Reduce the number of security products and unnecessary costs compared to today’s network perimeter security.

Our best-of-breed approach offers clients a simplified approach to security, one with a higher degree of protection that is easy to deploy, manage, and support.

Installation and Onboarding

Aerobyte’s Enterprise Security Platform offers easy integration, control, and enforcement of security procedures and implementation. Organizations can gain the ability to maintain existing investments and provide simplified security roadmaps for protection well into the future.

No rip and replace is needed to implement Aerobyte’s Security Platform. With a scalable, modular design, this solution integrates seamlessly into existing security technology, whether via cloud or on-premise. It can be built up as company needs grow.

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