Aerobyte’s Security Platform unique approach to Security design delivers answers to some of the toughest business problems today. From simplified protection at every endpoint to compliance reporting, to ensure that your business isn’t a headline in the next massive cyber security hack attack. Aerobyte security offers the features that modern businesses demand.

Aerobyte is for companies:

Who Want to Defend Against the Latest Cyber Attacks

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) –

Ever have the fear that there’s a threat just lurking on your network undetected? Our Security Platform redefines the new perimeter, protecting the furthest endpoint over any network topology, its lightweight software is a variant of traditional perimeter firewall, VPN, encryption, DMZ, and routing. All communications are secured through advanced key encryption from endpoint to endpoint. Companies gain complete protection and visibility over their data.

Distributed Denial of Services Attack –

Did you know that you can pay someone on the dark web to perform a DDoS attack for under $50? Our Security Platform helps prevent overwhelming data flows from knocking your systems offline. How? Comprehensive protection means every system, virtual machine, and cloud environment is under your guardianship and control. To be granted access to connect past any trusted device ethernet port, a user must have access levels and private key for the user and the trusted devices they are authorized to use. You can only connect to a resource or another endpoint in the enterprise through a secure tunnel using a trusted device.

Man-in-the-Middle Attack –

Never worry if your data is sniffed or decrypted between two endpoints. Our Security Platform uses multi-point trust-based authentication and provides protection of private keys through Hardware Security Modules (HSM) to ensure that every endpoint is encrypted, protected, and secured.

Port Sniffing –

Cybercriminals can’t attack what they can’t see. Our Security Framework eliminates all accessibility to corporate systems – both inside and outside of the company network. Users can only use applications and systems they have access to, which means that malicious users will never have direct access to the IP addresses of applications.

Who Have Changing Compliance Standards

To be non-compliant is to risk steep penalties, reputation damage, and a heightened threat of cyber attacks. But ensuring your company meets the stringent legal demands for ever-evolving regulatory compliance is no easy task to manage – until now.

Aerobyte advanced analytics which provides a 360-degree view into Compliance that provides critical analytics from end point to end point versus successful authentication based on user credentials. That quickly adapts to compliance standards. By focusing compliance to validating trust for the user certificates and trusted devices, Aerobyte’s Security Platform for advanced compliance reporting gives you insight to not only meeting compliance requirements but establishing trust at every endpoint to ensure that all systems and users exceed today’s standards.

Who Require Automated, Up-to-date, Manage Key Lifecycles.

Manage PKI certificate expiration dates to ensure all users and systems are compliant. With Aerobyte’s Security Platform, you can automatically deactivate legacy keys and message the user when they need a new key. Your teams can then automatically assign a new key, and more importantly, revoke a key if Trust is violated with no more than two clicks of the mouse.
Expired = Not Compliant. Access Denied.

Aerobyte Graphics2-02-minAerobyte’s Security Platform offers advanced compliance reporting, including:

  • Custom reports for internal audits and compliance reviews.
  • Complete audit time-stamping deviation logs to keep track of who accessed what files, from where, and at what time.
  • Information authentication based on our multi-point trust-authentication policies.
  • Advanced logging of digital certificates to keep track of every user and data access.
  • Tight controls over policy procedures, as well as physical and logical security systems.

Who Are Threatened by a Security Breach

With so many growing cyber threats, it’s no longer a question of if your company can be attacked, it’s a matter of when. Security breaches and hacks happen to millions of customers every year. The security experts at Aerobyte have developed a way to manage violations and reduce the number of security alerts from its SEIM in an efficient and effective manner.

Who Can’t Afford Network Downtime

With Aerobyte’s Security Platform, you don’t have to panic and run to pull the plug on your network. You don’t have to take your systems down at all. You just revoke trust on the user or compromised device, thus denying access, or quarantining instantly to the hacker or malicious activity.

Aerobyte Graphics2-03-min

Who Seek to Detect Threats Before They Spread

And how did you learn of this threat? Well, Aerobyte SEIM alerted you, of course. Aerobyte’s software warns Security Engineers when it picks up any anomalies based on the endpoints it is protecting. It detects nefarious activity and reports it immediately to your teams or automates a response based on rules set up by your organization. In a world where the average security breach is not detected for 197 days, this cyber intelligence via analytics is a game-changer. Also, since Aerobyte has simplified today’s security, we reduce the number of actionable security violations by at least 60% of our solutions. By eliminating network security risks, yesterday’s security alerts become tomorrow’s network optimization tasks; Network Admins can focus more on optimization and load balancing. Did we mention that Aerobyte endpoint protection systems increase network system performance by 10% on average?

Who Cloak Data and Prevent Exposure

But what about that window of time when the hacker was in your network? With Aerobyte’s Secure Platform, all data is protected and cloaked and only accepts connection based on the correct certificate authentication sequence. If your network have been compromised, hackers can’t attack what they cannot see, or tell the difference between highly sensitive information and low-sensitive data. That’s because all data is encrypted, including the header, data and source destination.

Aerobyte Graphics2-04-min

Who Protect Every Endpoint

For the question “to encrypt, or not to encrypt,” our answer is only to encrypt it all in an affordable way. With Aerobyte’s Security Platform, every endpoint is protected, and every byte of data is encrypted.

Aerobyte Graphics2-05-min

Every endpoint private key is protected through Hardware Security Modules (HSM) that can be placed on any device, workstation, or server. These HSM’s (PCIe, MicroSD, USB and smart cards) enable companies to turn every user, device, application or service into a trusted identity and device to create the only True Trusted architecture in today’s electron society.
Through policy, organizations can establish which employees pose the greatest risk based on login their methods. Turn any phone, PC, or tablet into a trusted device.

Who Have IT Departments that Depend on Simplicity

Aerobyte’s security platform and it’s suite of security modules are quick and cost-effective to deploy. Aerobyte’s Security Orchestration Dashboard allow administrative console that allows IT administrators to manage their users, exercise granular security control, apply permission policies, and maintain visibility on all activity from a single pane of view glass.

Who Are Looking to Run a More Secure Business On-premise and in the Cloud

Our solution optimizes existing on-premise and cloud infrastructures for any connected device, IoT, mobile user. This allow’s organizations to extend trust to every system, user, device, database, file or object for secure communication for every laptop, computer, tablet, and smartphone.

Who Want the Flexibility to Use Technology Partners and Third-Party Developers

Our Security Platform can easily integrate with a variety partner applications. ISVs, system integrators, and other third-party developers can rapidly build, update, and provision new applications. These apps can be made to leverage and extend the core functionality of Aerobyte’s secure architecture. Our technology partners will have access to our SDK and APIs, which will allow our ecosystem of partners and third-party developers to address a broader set of use cases.

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